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Term Definition

An allergic disease of mucous membranes of nose and upper air passages induced by external irritation.

Hearing loss

A sudden or gradual decrease in how well you can hear. Depending on the cause, it can range from mild to severe and can be reversible, temporary, or permanent. Hearing loss is also known as hearing impairment, which includes being born without hearing (congenital hearing loss).


A benign tumor of dilated blood vessels.


Describes joints that stretch farther than is normal. For example, some hypermobile people can bend their thumbs backwards to their wrists, bend their knee joints backwards, put their leg behind the head or other contortionist performances. It can affect a single joint or multiple joints throughout the body.


An abnormal congenital opening of the male uretha upon the undersurface of the penis. A urethral opening into the vagina.